Home for the holidays

I got to go home for Christmas! My dad had a hip replacement in early December so I wasn’t expecting to get out of the house much, but I was pleasantly surprised on what a good time I/we all had! It would only have been better if Eric and Jen were in town.

I couldn’t last 3 days in California without seeing some of the nieces and nephews! After dropping Cecilie off at the airport I headed to Santa Rosa to see the Spurlocks, and this little one:


We had a good time at home playing on all our electronic devices and entertaining dad in his rehab chair! It seemed weird not to get together with the Hanks fam on Christmas, but I’m sure that’s not the first time it’s happened. But Melissa and Jake indulged my by going to see Les Misersbles! It was so good! I laughed and cried, it was definitely worth seeing in the theater! Melissa could have lived with her noisy neighbor eating popcorn so loud, and I could have lived without the smell of the jalapeños in the nachos of the girl next to me… Thankfully Mom is the best mom in the world and slaved away on Christmas dinner all by herself. It was delicious, thanks Mom! A much needed break from whatever the people in the theater were eating!

Dad really started to make a turn for the better, so we decided we could get out of the house and leave him to fend for himself one day. Cecilie told me about a few amazing gingerbread houses on display in the city and I just had to see them! Luckily Rush and Hailey decided it would be ok to come with us. Jake wanted to take Rush to the Ferrari store first and it turned out to be SUCH a hit! He loved it so much he kept saying: “but I NEED a Ferrari,” and it melted my heart. We got him a little Ferrari toy to hold him over until he starts driving. He would NOT let that bag go!


It was real cute. Hailey was one step ahead of Rush though, she is already driving!


We finally did make it to the gingerbread house in the Westin, and it was HUGE! I made Rush and Melissa pose in front of it, and Rush was so proud that his eyes were closed…


Funny kid… But seriously, this gingerbread was ridiculous. I had to take a picture of the stats, 120 pounds of gingerbread, 400 pounds of royal icing, 80 pounds of flour! So glad we made the trip there.

We did get to meet up with all of the Hanks family! And we got to meet baby Vivian! She is too cute! She was so little! I didn’t get any pictures of her, or anyone else that night. But it as so nice to visit! I guess there aren’t very many pictures that she is in when she isn’t crying.

We did break a few puzzles out per tradition. It was cute that Melissa and Jake both got each other puzzles for Christmas. We opened the 1,000 piece puzzle of Tahoe. Scott, Melissa and I were the major players on the puzzle team, but Scott was the one that put the last few hundred pieces in! It was a masterpiece!


It was wonderful to be home! Thanks to the Spurlocks for sacrificing a week to spend with me in Fremont! It was a long week by the end with a sick little girl and an exhausted little boy. I hope you still had your sanity when you got home! And thanks to mom and dad for hosting!


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